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In the spring of 2017, FENDI launched the KAN I series of Replica Cheap Fendi Handbags. I wanted to buy one in the previous paragraph. As a result, the clerk told me that all the spring and summer KAN I were booked after the end of the big show. Because it is so beautiful, everyone does not need it. When you see the real thing, you can start directly.

The style of this sweet candy can be unattractive, the outside is calfskin, the inside is soft and soft, and there is a small mezzanine. The shoulder strap is chained, and the skin that is in contact with the shoulder and the skin is very intimate. You can also take it with your hand and match Fendi's furry little monster with youthful invincibility.

This year's autumn and winter show is all this dark series, compared to the spring and summer candy color is a bit more stable.

The medium price varies from 20000-40000 depending on the process. The cheaper ones are the ordinary ruffles and stripes. The embroidery will be more expensive. The rivets below are the most expensive. The 180 rivets above. All are hand-built, embroidered in addition to rivets, and every detail is exquisite.

The Peekaboo series is completely red because of the eyes of this little monster, so that the edge of the little monster will fall, the eyes of the little monster inside will leak out, and then there will be a feeling of being funny with you, which will make you feel that this is a life-only bag.

Peekaboo's earliest styles were all solid calfskins, and some of the more patterns began this spring and summer. There are two compartments inside the Replica Fendi Kani Handbag, and a shoulder strap that can be removed or adjusted, but the popular back method is an open handcuff.