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Make consumers feel very satisfied. These luxury goods are a level/new age class logo.

The higher the standard of living of people, the stronger the demand for emotional value. Therefore, luxury brands are exploding in China.

Pick leather. The best leather supplier of the most ball, the first round of choice of leather is reserved for Fake Discount Hermes Handbags, followed by LV, Gucci and other brands. Any flawed leather Hermes is not required, and the leather used by Hermes only accounts for 10% of all good leather.

The most commonly used skins of Hermes are: cowhide, sheepskin, lizard skin, ostrich skin, crocodile skin. In 2009, something came out of snakeskin.

The first thing to say is cowhide. Hermes has a wide variety of leathers (generally based on the position of the leather, the pattern and the type of the cow.) After purchasing the leather of the next ten thousand, Hermes is processed by hand-made enamel. leather. Let a variety of different leathers show their characteristics and create beautiful lines.

The ostrich skin Hermes only chooses the leather of the ostrich's buttocks because the ostrich has large pores and the pores at the butt position are the most uniform and look more beautiful. The lines of other brands are irregular, and the interval between the pores and the pores. Not one.

Crocodile skin, Replica Cheap Hermes Bags has its own crocodile farm, and the general small bag is made of a whole crocodile, because American crocodile and Asian crocodile are small. Moreover, the pattern of Hermes crocodile skin, that is, the square on the back of the crocodile is gradually becoming smaller, symmetrical and regular. Even if it is a large bag made of several crocodiles, the seam between the skin and the skin can be perfect, just like a whole piece of skin.

The Fake Luxury Bag is hand-stitched by the craftsmen, and the style is drawn by hand. Why use a cotton thread that has been soaked in wax? Because the moisture resistance is good. If the customer buys a Hermes bag, then her bag will be repaired by the craftsman who made it. It is equal to a special repair master, one-on-one service.

The bag usually has a black edge banding on the handle and the outside, and Hermes's beeswax edge banding will not fall off in a lifetime. Because Hermes is a layer of paint and a layer of beeswax, after a few such repetitions, the edge of a bag can be completed.

Therefore, gucci, lv this material is very popular. Until today, the reasons for those who choose genuine to choose these bags are also strong and wearable.